Consulting Services

Innovative Business Operations Solutions

Innovative Business Operations Solutions

• Plan and or direct the full spectrum of operations for new and existing business endeavors, sales production, operational enhancement, customer service and financial services; ensuring compliance with all corporate, divisional and departmental regulations.

• Strategic operational enhancement through employee rationalization, ranking and evaluation; identify gaps in performance and recommended implementation strategies for results-oriented solutions.

• Strategic policy development to meet operational objectives and promote organizational growth and expansion in accordance with corporate mission, vision and values.

Innovative Business Operations Solutions

Research and Analytics

• Utilizing extensive knowledge of current and historical Chicagoland market trends to develop implementation plans for strategic sales and operations objectives.

• Creation of business plans to support successful brand integration and acquisition of new business ventures.

• Complete research and analyses of financial operations and production reporting.

• Develop and integrate analytics into manageable, measurable,  systems that positively impact  company’s interaction with clients.

Innovative Business Operations Solutions

Operational Enhancement and Strategic Planning

• Plan, coordinate and oversee the integration of ongoing sales and operational efforts across business channels.

• Provide strategic direction to senior management and personnel.

• Create synergistic and cost-savings real estate initiatives, assembly of liquidation property portfolio.

Innovative Business Operations Solutions

Sales Performance and Staff Development

• Create target sales goal plans that will exceed business development expectations.

• Design sales and marketing strategies for new and existing products and distribution channels.

• Establishment, training and mentorship of successful sales force.

• Produce and promote positive corporate culture

• Develop goal-setting strategies and milestones to motivate personnel in the execution of professional goals.